what's that?
this is a full mirror of official Tox repository for Debian-based systems (i386\amd64 architectures). it's constantly syncing with pkg.tox.chat, every one hour. packages should work for latest stable Debian, Ubuntu\Mint, what have you.

how can i trust you?
the thing is, you can't. but since packages are signed (not by me!), and i'm using the same key from official repo for package's integrity check -- it's pretty much not question of trusting me, but trusting PGP\GPG. if you're not trusting the crypto itself, there's nothing I can do.

so the packages are identical to the ones on the official server?

but why should i use your repo?
again, if you're asking me that question, then maybe you're shouldn't. it's running mostly for my personal needs, but i figured that it may be useful for someone else as well. also, i DON'T remove packages -- i'm only downloading last versions -- so if the official repo will be dead yet again, i'll be able to install everything i need nevertheless, knowing that packages weren't altered by any third party

where your server's located?
russia, moscow. i know it could be a bit scary, but again -- all packages are signed, so there's no way for anyone to tamper with them without your apt to notice that.

how can i add your repo to my system?
first thing's first, add pkg.tox.chat' GPG key to your local storage and install apt-transport-https package:

wget -qO - https://pkg.tox.chat/debian/pkg.gpg.key | sudo apt-key add - && sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https

now you can run something like this to add my repo to sources.list:

echo "deb https://toxrepo.uvarov.pw nightly release" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list

please change the distribution from "release" according to which system you are running: this is important due to dependencies difference between older and newer ubuntu and debian distributions. right now i'm mirroring release (generic; also the only one which fits ubuntu 14.04 and distros based off it), sid, vivid and jessie flavours.

after that, it's the matter of running sudo apt-get update, and installing packages you need

what else?
well, i can only ask you to play nicely and not to hog my bandwidth too much. be fair and play nice, and don't forget -- if something's broken, contact Tox developers, not me, for i don't pack their software